A Little History of Poutstudios Location

The location of our studio, which can be traced back 500 years has witnessed countless moments in the city’s history.

Catherine of Aragon 1530

In the rear area of the studio, around 1530, Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII, had demolished a windmill to construct a Catholic chapel on the raised ground where it once stood. This chapel was commonly referred to as ‘the Mount’ and was officially named the Mount of Calvary.

However, by the time of Henry VIII’s death in 1547, the chapel had been destroyed, presumably as a consequence of the Reformation. In its place, a new windmill was erected.

The Windmill 1560 Agas Map

This windmill became a prominent landmark. In fact, if you refer to the 1560 Agas map of London, you’ll notice it sitting atop a hill known as Mount Mills. Today, the street sharing that name stands a testament to the past, a subtle but consistent reminder of our enduring history.

This a subtle reminder that while the world may change, echoes of our history are always around us.

Civil War 1643

Fast-forward to the tumultuous period of the civil war in 1643, Oliver Cromwell fortified Mount Mills into a strategic defence for London. As described by William Lithgow, it was a “singular fortification,” a fort within a fort, armed with cannon and prepared for the trials of war.

Rock History: Pink Floyd 1980

Our studio holds a unique place in rock history too. In 1980, the legendary Pink Floyd used the council estate and park outside the studio for the filming of their hit track, “Another Brick in the Wall.”

Take a look at the original video and see if you can spot us, Poutstudios is in the video if you look 🙂